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Bio Hamish is a fintech reporter, working across news, opinion pieces and commercial. Career History Before joining Finextra, Hamish was Senior Account Manager within the financial services division of PR agency, Finn Partners - working across CIB, GTB and sustainable finance, for clients such as Deutsche Bank, UniCredit and S&P Global Ratings. Hamish has an MA in Journalism from Falmouth University

Long reads

How to prepare for the EU AI Act

24 May 2024

The European Union’s AI Act has formally been signed by the presidents of its parliament and Council. Imminently, the regulation will be published in the EU’s Official Journal – 20 days after which, the law will be put into force. For financial institutions, there will be just two years’ implementation period. So, how should banks prepare for the...

How can financial institutions hit G20 targets for cross border payments?

23 May 2024

Finextra’s latest webinar, ‘Cross Border Payments: Hitting G20 targets for speed, cost, and transparency’ – hosted in association with Bottomline – explored why embracing new protocols, technologies, and data structures around cross-border payments is a non-negotiable for all financial institutions in 2024. Moderated by Finextra’s head of research...

How to prepare for DORA

16 May 2024

As the result of a partiality for fierce innovation, the financial sector is increasingly dependent on technology to deliver its offering. The sector has therefore become highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks and other digital ‘slip-ups’. If not handled correctly, a compromised IT system could spark a knock-on disruption to financial services, the co...

How to leverage quantum computing

14 May 2024

Earlier this year, researchers devised a breakthrough method for creating supremely pure silicon – the fundamental material in quantum computers. Imperfections in existing silicone mean that today’s quantum computers can maintain coherence (or more simply, operation) for only a fraction of a second. This newly-created, ultra-pure element sustains ...