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Bio Sehrish is a junior reporter, with an interest in sustainable finance. Career History Sehrish took an interest in fintech journalism after university. Sehrish graduated from UCL with a BA in History of Art.

Long reads

Greenhushing: How will it impact sustainability efforts in financial services?

13 May 2024

We have all heard of greenwashing – when companies lie or exaggerate their sustainable efforts to gain ESG brownie points and falsely reassure customers of their dedication to the environment, there is a new term that companies are getting the hots for called greenhushing. This terrible name for an even worse activity is when companies simply will...

Top payments stories you missed in April

01 May 2024

April was an eventful month for fintech, and there was a wave of new developments in the payments space. To stay in the loop with the latest payments updates in the dynamic and fast-paced sector, here are the most pressing updates in payments from April 2024. As well as an influx of new developments in the world of payments, April also saw to Fine...

What Gen Z want from UK fintech

19 Apr 2024

As the digital era of financial services progresses, the UK fintech sector has reached new and diverse audiences that have varying demands from their financial providers. Gen Z is a significant demographic that are currently entering or are in the workforce, and having been raised in a more virtual and digitalised environment, expect ease, speed, ...


IFGS 2024: What do the 2024 elections mean for international finance?

17 Apr 2024

What do the UK, US, Mexico, South Africa, European Parliament, and India have in common? They, among many other countries, are all holding elections in 2024, which will impact the geopolitical state of the world and the global banking industry. In the session ‘The Globe At The Polls: What 40+ Elections Around The World In 2024 Means For Our Sec...