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Share opinion and experience on how the payments landscape is changing and learn about the challenges and opportunities facing payments stakeholders in the future.

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John Bertrand

Greetings from New York City, where you can save money by paying in cash.

Watching a televised rugby game, Leinster playing Northampton, at an Irish pub, The Long Hall, NYC, the bill if paid in cash would be discounted. On $100, savings could have been $3.00. Incentives, ...

12 May 2024
Benjamin Thurlow

Why are more buyers and suppliers turning to commercial (and virtual) cards for B2B payments?

The world of business payments has been famously slow-moving. But things are currently changing fast. Driving this rapid evolution is a technology you might not expect: the business credit card. Also ...

25 Apr 2024
Delia Pedersoli

How Pay by Bank can supercharge in-store customer experience

Providing exceptional customer experience (CX) is paramount for success for any retailer in today’s difficult climate. As consumer behaviour shifts towards digital channels and convenience becomes inc...

27 Mar 2024
Pete Lord

What accountants want in a cross-border payment provider

Accountants are now playing a critical role in shaping the financial decisions of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). According to the 2023 Global Advisory Trends Report by Spotlight Reporting,...

15 Mar 2024
Penny Townsend

Checkout Payments Pages - They're Definitely Worth Checking Out

When it comes to designing your website, it's crucial that you make your checkout page as convenient, simple, and seamless to navigate as possible for your customers. After all, the checkout page is w...

26 Oct 2023
Joris Lochy

The UPI Phenomenon: From Zero to 10 Billion

If there is one Indian innovation that has grabbed global headlines, it is undoubtedly the instant payment system UPI (Unified Payments Interface). In August 2023, monthly UPI transactions exceeded an...

11 Sep 2023
Delia Pedersoli

Going Green With Payments – How To Reduce Plastic Waste And Improve Customer Experience

Single-use plastic is out. The UK Government has mandated that by 1st October 2023, food and beverage businesses and manufacturers must no longer supply, sell or offer single-use plastic items in Engl...

07 Sep 2023
Jamel Derdour

The Future of Payment Processing: Emerging Technologies and Trends

Payment processing is an essential component of e-commerce and online transactions. As technology continues to evolve, so too does the landscape of payment processing. Emerging technologies and trends...

23 May 2023
Mahesh Pawal

When Digital Payments FAIL : Disconnected World | Power Failure and Internet Outage | PART 2

The sound of thunder echoed through the small business as David frantically tried to process digital payments from his customers. He had always relied on the convenience of digital payments, but he ne...

21 Apr 2023
Mahesh Pawal

“When Digital Payments FAIL : Over-Reliance and Real-World Examples | PART 1”

As you slip into bed, you set your morning alarm on your phone and glance into your banking app to ensure that all is well. But instead of seeing your balance, you are met with a notification that sen...

11 Apr 2023

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