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Nick Green

Director at Purple Patch Broking Ltd
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Bio PurplePatch combines over 60 years credit bureau experience, with insight gained from hundreds of data benchmarking exercises to provide complete pricing transparency. We go beyond comparing information products and suppliers, to help you negotiate pricing and contracts on your terms -- not on theirs. Career History Nick Green has over 30 years in the Risk industry, 9 in senior leadership positions. An experienced, proven sales leader with a record of success in delivering exceptional results in both vertical and mid markets. CCN Systems Ltd  (Now Experian) Sales Consultant 1987-1991 Infocheck Sales Consultant 1991-1995 Dun & Bradstreet ltd Business Development Director 1995-2004 Equifax Head of Sales New Business 2004-2007 Experian Head of Sales Mid market, Enterprise & Verticals 2007-2013



Untangling the maze of fraud prevention solutions in financial services

23 May 2024

Fraudsters are getting bolder and more sophisticated in their attacks on the financial sector. Their increasingly complex schemes are breaching institutional security and eroding the very foundation of customer trust that banks have worked so hard to build. The challenge is: There’s no silver bullet solution. Given the diversity of fraudulent activ...


Preventing APP fraud: Essential strategies for banks

21 May 2024

APP fraud is on the rise. According to Finextra, the total number of APP fraud cases was up 22% in 2023 compared to 2022. In fact, APP fraud is now the number one payments threat and are expected to reach $5.25 billion by 2026. In the UK, consumers lost over half a billion pounds to scams in the first half of 2023 alone. What’s more, the PSR has ...

Financial Risk Management

Financial crime assessment with perpetual KYC oversight

25 Apr 2024

Economic crime costs have escalated to an estimated £290* billion annually. Compounding this issue, billions are believed to be laundered through the UK finance system every week. And that’s why there’s a renewed focus on Know Your Customer (KYC)—specifically continuously monitoring it. Knowing your customers is crucial for financial institutions ...


FCA and BoE data sharing changes: the impact on lenders

23 Apr 2024

With the BoE and FCA’s renewed focus on improving data collection and sharing within the credit information market, the industry has rightly raised questions. What impact will these changes have on lenders? Do they really support market growth for the good of all? And what do lenders need to do to prepare? To find out more, for this article, we spo...