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Banks nowadays are in stiff competition for human resources with fintech. The financial technology sector often offers higher pay. Still, the prospects of many such start-ups are difficult to forecast – they are as likely to occupy a solid niche as they are to go bust. Stable companies in Latvia are only a handful. Primarily, fintech players active in Latvia are headquartered in foreign countries – the United Kingdom, to name one – despite maintaining offices in Riga and employing staff in Latvia

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Mete Feridun

What does Basel IV mean for EU banks? A quick review of the challenges and opportunities

The finalisation of Basel IV marks a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of global banking regulation. These comprehensive reforms, concluded by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision i...

19 May 2024
Mayuri Jain

Diversification is The Key to Survival and Growth for Commercial Lenders in Challenging Times

“In times of economic turbulence, diversification isn’t just a strategy—it’s a lifeline.” This powerful statement underscores the critical importance of diversification for commercial lenders, especi...

15 May 2024
Shiv Nanda

AI Banking Software Development

Throughout its existence, AI's transformative effect has been immense. It has transformed how enterprises, including those in the banking and finance sectors, perform and offer customer services. The

14 May 2024
Mayuri Jain

How Credit Unions Can Thrive in the Digital Age

In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial services, credit unions face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. While committed to their member-first ethos and community focus, credit unions...

13 May 2024
Mayuri Jain

Story of Core Modernization

In the world of finance, the winds of change are blowing stronger than ever before, sweeping across the landscapes shaped by legacy systems and traditional business practices. Financial enterprises fi...

10 May 2024
Duncan Kreeger

Charting Property Finance in the UK

In today's ever-shifting economic landscape, navigating property finance can feel like charting a course through turbulent and unpredictable waters for borrowers. Whether you are a homeowner with a mo...

02 May 2024
Harshita Soni

The Rise of Digital Payments Banks in India influencing the Market and Revenue

India's payments landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, driven by the rapid adoption of digital payment methods. From traditional cash transactions to cutting-edge mobile...

24 Apr 2024
Nick Green

FCA and BoE data sharing changes: the impact on lenders

With the BoE and FCA’s renewed focus on improving data collection and sharing within the credit information market, the industry has rightly raised questions. What impact will these changes have on le...

23 Apr 2024
Yogendra Singh

Maximizing Capital Efficiency: Collateral Optimization in Basel III Post-Crisis

Introduction: In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, regulators implemented Basel III to fortify the global banking system. Among its many provisions, collateral optimization emerged as a crit...

10 Apr 2024
Sandeep Gupta

The future of banking is composable

Will the banking industry continue to evolve at an increasing rate year on year? In the 21st Century, the answer to this question seems to be inextricably linked to the progress of technology and regu...

02 Apr 2024

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