Adam Preis

Adam Preis

Global Strategist at Ping Identity
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Bio Global strategist at identity and access management specialists Ping Identity, primarily responsible for industry expertise in the financial services, banking and insurance sectors. Helping our customers mitigate fraud through passwordless authentication, and improve the customer and employee experience to access everyday digital systems. Career History Over the past 10 years, I have taken a number of digital solutions to market, managed complex technology projects, and led customer and partner relationships across the private and public sectors during my time at Hitachi.


Digital Identity Management

Navigating the Dynamic Seas of Digital Identity in Insurance

08 May 2024

The Perfect Storm In the vast ocean of the insurance industry, the winds of change are blowing stronger than ever before. Historically known for its conservative approach to technology adoption, the insurance sector finds itself at a crossroads. Enterprises are compelled to embrace digital transformation to navigate the evolving currents of regula...

Digital Identity Management

Navigating the digital identity landscape: A blueprint for financial services competitiveness

25 Mar 2024

In the fast-paced realm of financial services, digital transformation is reshaping the competitive landscape. The emergence of digital disruptors has redefined customer expectations, emphasising the need for seamless, secure, and tailored financial experiences. As Charles Darwin aptly noted, survival depends on adaptability to change. In today's f...


Three Ways to Leverage Digital Identity to Accelerate DORA Readiness

27 Sep 2023

It’s no surprise that managing risk across information and communication technology (ICT) in the financial services industry is a tough job. Both retail and corporate banking customers expect their data to be highly secured. At the same time, they’re not afraid to take their business elsewhere when unable to rapidly access what they need through t...


Mitigating the Risk of Fraud by Enabling Customers to Never Log In Again

17 Jul 2023

FinTech and banking applications are accessed every day by millions of consumers around the world, and passwords remain the primary method of authenticating users into the service. Yet, they are inherently vulnerable and create risks for every financial organisation that exists. So, how do we mitigate that risk without compromising on experience, ...